Getting Your Vacation Home Ready For Summer

Now that the days are getting longer, the temperature is rising, and everyone’s itching for a vacation away, you might start daydreaming about your vacation home. Now that you have scheduled your vacation days and have time marked out on your calendar, you still have a couple of steps you should take to ensure a smooth summer vacation. Here’s what you need to know for getting your investment property ready for the summer. 

Head Down Ahead of Time

When you own a vacation home, you should head down periodically throughout the year to check on your home’s condition. Before you open the house up for the summer, you’ll want to run the water throughout the house to clear out the pipes of any stagnant water from over the winter. 

Deep Clean Everything

Having been uninhabited for the majority of the year, all manner of dust, dirt, and particulates had the chance to settle in and multiply while you were away. Before settling in for extended summer fun, give the house that good deep clean it desperately needs. Whether you clean the house yourself or have a professional company come in and do it, a full deep clean of your vacation home will do wonders.

Get the Pool Ready

Some days, you don’t want to head down to the beach but still sit by the water and get some sun. That’s where a vacation home with a pool comes in handy. However, opening pools can be a time-consuming process, and you don’t want to spend the first two days of your well-earned vacation waiting for the pool to open. Head down before your planned break and open up the pool so it will be ready to go when you get down there for the main event. 

Check the HVAC System 

One of the worst things that can happen over the summer, whether you’re on vacation or not, is having the air conditioning stop working in the middle of a heatwave. Get your air conditioning inspected before the holiday starts so that you won’t run into any surprise disruptions of your air conditioning service, and get it repaired if the need arises during the inspection. 

Now that you know what you need to do to get your summer home ready to go, it’s time to start looking at getting a summer home if you don’t have one already. If you are in the market for a new summer vacation home or need to refinance your home mortgage in the Lake Tahoe area, contact Luna Lending to begin the process today!

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