How Can I Winter-Proof My Vacant Vacation Home?

As October brings cool fall temperatures, changing leaves, and the start of fall, some people are already dreaming of the sunny summer days they will spend at their Lake Tahoe summer home. With a second home mortgage to worry about, you want to ensure that your vacation home doesn’t wind up costing you more money in bills during the time you are away. Taking steps to winterize your vacation home can help you minimize the upkeep required and keep the turnaround time for the summer manageable. The following are four of the most important steps you can take to ensure that your vacation home is ready for the vacant winter months.

Set Your Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will come in handy for your vacation home. By setting your thermostat low during the winter months, you can help prevent your pipes from freezing over the winter. Aim for the temperature to be within the 50-55 degree Fahrenheit range.

Shut Off the Main Water

The worst thing to walk into when you return to your vacation home after a long winter is a case of flooding. You never know when a water line can burst and give you an unwelcome surprise in the spring. Taking the extra step to shut off the main water line when you are not going to be in the house can help prevent unwanted surprises like burst or leaky pipes from ruining your investment.


The key to keeping the electric bill down over the winter is making sure you go throughout your winter vacation home and unplug every electrical device in the house. Appliances that remained plugged in can still contribute to the electric bill and cause spikes in “phantom energy” use. It is also an excellent practice to help eliminate the risk of any potential electrical shortages that can cause catastrophic damage to your vacation home.

Clean Your Gutters

Hire a professional service to thoroughly clean your gutters before leaving for the winter. Clear gutters can help prevent any heavy rainfall from potentially flooding your home during your time away. While often overlooked, having clear and functional gutters is a significant step towards keeping your vacation home dry and free from damage when you return in the warmer months.

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